Belconnen Lakeshore

Belconnen Lakeshore Refurbishment

The project involved upgrading Emu Inlet Precinct to a highly functional, safe and attractive public recreational space, catering for the needs of the growing Belconnen Town Centre, consistent with the nearby public buildings and open spaces.

The works included:

  • ┬áConstruction of a new, circular in-situ concrete lake retaining wall on the lake side of the existing wall. This required the construction of an earth fill coffer dam in the lake and the associated environmental constraints
  • Environmental management of excavation and sediment materials, demolition materials, water quality measures and removal of contaminated materials to an approved location off site
  • Demolition of the existing structure
  • Construction of batter slopes between the new lake wall and existing footpath to provide direct connection to Emu Bank
  • Extension of five 1800mm diameter stormwater pipes to the new lake wall edge
  • Construction of an internal link path connecting Beissel St with the new promenade and Emu Bank
  • Construction of stone retaining walls
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting improvements
  • Landscaping

Overall project value



Belconnen ACT


ACT Procurement & Capital Works


September 2011