Flemington Road

Flemington Road Intersection Upgrade

The project consisted of the upgraded priority bus route and the reconstruction and signalisation of the Flemington Road and Sandford Street Intersection. The works consisted of:

  • Construction of deep lift asphaltic concrete pavement
  • Resurfacing of existing pavement
  • Relocation of water main
  • Construction of sewer main and associated structures
  • Construction of stormwater and associated structures
  • Construction of traffic signals and associated conduit and services
  • Relocation of existing power and communication services
  • Upgrades to street lighting
  • New landscaping
  • Installation of traffic control devices

The works were carried out in a high traffic region and involved the protection of existing services and fauna, therefore environmental control, temporary traffic management and safety management were all key elements of the project alongside quality assurance.

Major road & intersection works

Overall project value



Mitchell ACT


ACT Procurement & Capital Works


December 2010