Taxiway Bravo

Taxiway Bravo Northern Extension

The northern extension of Taxiway Bravo allows the efficient operation of the Canberra Airports main Runway, 17/35. The project consists of 1.5kms of new pavement and associated infrastructure.

The construction works for the Project include the following:

  • Utility relocations, including aeronautical ground lighting, air services communications, sewer and potable water.
  • New stormwater infrastructure and adjustments to the existing network.
  • Bulk earthworks for pavement construction.
  • Pavement construction adjacent to runway, consisting of lean mix concrete subbase and foam bitumen stabilised base with asphalt wearing course.
  • Environmental management within Natural Temperate Grassland and Grassland Earless Dragon habitat.
  • Installation of linemarking and associated aeronautical ground lighting.

Overall project value



Canberra Airport ACT


Capital Airport Group


June 2020