Harrison Subdivision

Harrison Subdivision

Huon constructed Stages 1A and 1B of Harrison 4 Estate which included development for residential housing subdivision:

  • 191 single dwelling blocks
  • 1 multi-unit residential block (12 units)

The works also included:

  • Provision for traffic, earthworks, roads, kerbing, hydraulic services, utilities, concrete works, traffic control devices, incidental works, street landscaping
  • Remediation of contaminated fill
  • Construction of a water quality control pond (>2ML capacity), and
  • Surface landscaping works including grassing, tree planting, paving and pedestrian paths and a recreational trail

Subdivisions & general infrastructure

Overall project value



Harrison ACT


ACT Government & Land Development Agency


January 2012

Chris Reynolds
Land Development Agency (LDA)

Land Development Agency is pleased to … formally commend the performance of Huon.┬áThe rate of progress was very good and Huon achieved early completion.