Fyshwick Section 26

Fyshwick Section 26 Subdivision

The project involved the construction of the industrial development at Fyshwick Section 26. The development is on a 7.5 ha site with fifteen industrial-sized blocks ranging from approximately 1600m2 to 4700m2. The site is bounded by Newcastle and Gladstone Streets, Canturf Farms Pty Ltd and a minor industrial area.

The project works included:

  • Roadworks, stormwater drainage, utility services, street lights, landscaping and protection works for the existing gas main across the site
    Works in the vicinity of the high pressure gas main undertaken under the supervision of Jemena
    Construction of the new roundabout at Kembla St involving significant temporary traffic management

Subdivisions & general infrastructure

Overall project value



Fyshwick ACT


ACT Government & Land Development Agency


August 2011